Sharing our pain…

“What’s the point of complaining about your tragedies, obstacles, and scars?
What’s the point of playing the role of victim?
What’s the point of revealing your misery to others no matter how close they are?
No one will ever feel your pain or how much it hurts. No one will understand your fears or why you suddenly couldn’t hold on anymore.
It’s your road, you’ve walked it barefoot among all the difficulties! I am sure too that you know your way, and your heart will guide you to the best destination if you only trust the light within…”
― Samiha Totanji

I am a great believer in a good vent. When you are frustrated, overwhelmed or in emotional pain. Make it short and sweet. Make sure the person you are about to vent to knows you don’t need to “fix” anything. You just need to get some of the internal stress out into the open.

Make sure that your vent does not become a major whine session. One of our viewers has a rule: 10 mins max. After that, you need to change the subject. It is a great rule.

Our family and friends are not in our lives to fix things. They are there to support us in our journey. They should not be expected to make decisions for us. Only YOU can make decisions for your own life. People are there to give input and options. You make decisions based on the input you get. To ask your family or friends to make decisions for you or to take the next step for you is not adult behaviour, unless you are under their care due to diminished capacity.

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