49. It’s Spring in British Columbia!

There is something about Spring. It lifts the spirits. Yesterday was solid rain and tonight the sun is shining and life is just that much better, somehow. I know a lot of you are still experiencing winter but I thought I would brighten up your day with a pic of some of the tulips that greet me as I drive onto my driveway!

I love Thursday evenings. It is the start of my weekend – if you remember, I no longer work on Fridays. My little bit of retirement. Fridays is the day I work on the next steps for the DearMamaSal side of my life.DSC00237 I do research and try to learn a bit more about the technology. It normally ends up with a lot of time that feels like it is “wasted” because I don’t achieve a great deal but it all adds up to greater knowledge, in the end.


We have viewers of our TinyChat.com/dearmamasal channel who are going to meet up this weekend. So exciting that they feel they have made good enough friends that they can do that. Next week I do the same when I meet up with “Our Glen”DSC00236. I am really looking forward to that evening because I know we have lots to chat about and we always laugh a lot when we are on line so I am sure it will be a very entertaining evening. Luckily, the Canucks will not be playing that night but I do have another sports related subject that I want to discuss that night.

YouTube Upate – Week 32

Subscribers             2385
Views                        57,000 from 131 countries
Blog views               3,691
Non-Smoking Days  90 with as saving of $967.00 Cdn

Lessons learned: Sunshine just makes the whole world better


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