18. Are you SERIOUS???!

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18. Are you SERIOUS??


It started so well!  Was feeling good and ready for a day of video editing and other fun things. The my computer guru phoned. Things are not looking good with the laptop.Not good at all. He is going to give it another look tonight but I gathered that that holding my breath would not be a good thing. Not feeling quite as good but  to the tasks if the day. 

I only had a few… check the comments, go shopping to get groceries and some food and arthritis meds for Beaner, go to the bank and then home to “play “.  It got worse! I have been “hacking” into my tenant’s WiFi since my laptop got sick and I found out the the signal was too weak to help me this morning. You know me well enough, if you have been reading the blogs, that my reaction was “erok,  what is Plan B?” Choices, the way out of a problem is choices:

  1. Go and buy a new laptop – er… not an option
  2. See if there was anything that was causing the lack of signal this morning – nothing
  3. Bite the bullet and add “buy a WiFi router to my shopping list
Armed with my new shopping list I headed out but not before putting a quick video in the tablet with the idea of doing multiple video “bits’ today and try and stringIng them together. That went well. I headed out feeling so much better, again.


Things were definitely on a roll again. Got all the shopping done and unpacked it all and did other important Suzie Homemaker stuff and then sat down to do the video update. No problems until I realized I didn’t have a program to put the “bits” together. Grrr. Frustration rising again. To cut a long story short I spent countless  hours trying to find one and praying I did not get the one that caused the problem on the laptop.

Late Afternoon 

You will note a big gap of time (wasted) there. It was about late afternoon when I thought that maybe food would be a good idea! Made a quick fruit smoothie in my Magic Bullet and sat back down ready to be productive again.

Then it started .  I got into blog hell. I don’t know what combo of keystroes I am doing today that I haven’t done before but I keep getting into a loop where instead of typing a word in the blog it was creating the words in the browser. Time and time again I tried to work out what I was doing and couldn’t  work it out. I have probably wasted three hours on this issue alone!! At the moment I have managed to get it to work again and am able to, hopefully, at least finish the blog today.  As long as I don’t hit that magic combo again.

It has been a day of going backwards not forwards. My blogs normally take me 30 minutes at most. I think back to the videos I tried to do earlier today and think about what my plans were for them. Will I get to do them tonIght? Are you SERIOUS?! Enough is enough. I am going to bed!


  1. I didn’t throw the tablet through the window
  2. I didn’t quit on trying to write the blog
  3. In three weeks (almost to the hour) we have gone from 0 visits in 0 countries with no blog and no Facebook or Twitter
  • 10,228 visits from 109 countries
  • 1,304 subscribers
  • 1,024 blog visits 
  • We are up and running on Facebook and Twitter

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    Check out: http://www.youtube.com/DearMamaSal or Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DearMamaSal if you would like notification of any live broadcasts
    If you want to leave a comment, click below
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