50. Sometimes you wonder why you do what you do… sometimes you know it was worth it!

We received this “thank you” today from a viewer we met a while ago. We heard her story and stayed on line with her until she called a shelter. Then we didn’t hear back, directly, but I noticed that she was watching our Facebook page. Yesterday I decided to link to a vid on her page and this is what the result was:


Hello! Please let everyone know that me and my daughter are safe, the Salvation Army moved us to our family, on the beautiful (place withheld). Our abuser has no idea where we are & has no way to contact us…I changed my cell # etc. We are free…..thanks for the courage & Support from your peeps. Much love to strangers who CARE!!!!!!!!


Know that you can make a difference.

You just need to be at the right pace at the right time.

Show up…people will find you!

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