Aug 10, 2014 Surprises in the kitchen and on the road

As many of you know, I am on the weight loss thing. Went from overweight to obese in a heartbeat and didn’t see it coming or, if I did, I ignored it with the excuse that I didn’t want to mess with the non-smoking goal.

Here is what surprised me this week:

  1. That a MacDonald’s soft-serve ice-cream treat (after WALKING the aisles of WalMart) was less than 150 calories. I LIKED that
  2. That eating a homemade rice and veggie combo, made in my little Sunbeam Rice Cooker,works really well to fill you up for very little calories.
  3. I can lose weight by and eating more (volume) rather than less (sugary) food
  4. That a cucumber and banana smoothie (healthy, right?) is almost the same calories as a fry up of new potatoes, celery, peppers and red onion!! Who knew that??! I was totally shocked.I had both for lunch today.



On the road:

  1. For me, 10 minutes a day is a lot harder to put off than, say, 30 minutes twice a week!
  2. 10 minutes a day means I did more than 70 minutes of exercise this week
  3. Slip-on walking shoes were a great investment for me! I found it so easy to slip them on and get walking
  4. I learned that the journey between my bedroom to the front door is the difficult part – once out, I enjoy the walk
  5. That ignoring little distractions (calves screaming, slight groin pull) is a good idea
  6. That not trying to beat any previous times and just WALKING for 10 minutes actually works and my speed was faster by the end of the week. Without even trying and that included stopping to chat to a doggie on the way!

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