Aug 12, 2014 We made it to 250,000 + Dufus!

Yesterday was a milestone day. We cracked the first major nut – 250,000 views in just under two years. As I type this, we are close to 252,000. We have hit the point where the increases will be significant. Very exciting times. Especially, as we have the Seattle Vlogger Fair this weekend.

You would think that, by now, I would be fairly adept at all the technical side of things. I have had a problem with my fancy headphones which I am still trying to solve. In the meantime, this evening I suddenly lost all sound on my laptop. I had visions of needing to purchase a replacement and all that would entail. Not a pleasant thought.

I was doing in-depth work looking into the speakers and about 3 hours later I saw something about the headphone transmitter. What? Why was it picking up the headphone transmitter? BECAUSE IT WAS STILL PLUGGED IN, BOZO AND THAT IS WHY YOU CANNOT HEAR ANYTHING ON YOUR LAPTOP. Duuuuuh…. dufus!

It is good to know that with this wonderful achievement, I have not let this success go to my head. I am still the same old Sal. Hehehehehehe 🙂

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