Big changes coming my way

This has been an amazing start to the year…

  1. We hit 1,000,000 views on DearMamaSal on YouTube! WOW. 

  2. I have made the decision to downsize my home, put it on the market and find myself something new for the next phase of my life. If you want to see how painful it has been. Feel free to check out my journey:
  3. I found out that the reason my energy and health had been going downhill was due to something called Sleep Apnea. Apparently, I was waking up around 16 times… per HOUR from lack of air while I was sleeping. I was also waking up another 15 times … per HOUR from restless leg syndrome. No wonder I was struggling. I wasn’t getting any restorative sleep.My latest health update:
  4. Thanks to the wonderful support of both Jodi and Lauren (broadcast viewers) I achieved another goal this week. Getting my pendants into the shop. It looks so easy to run a  website but know it requires a brain that is working!! So the fact I was able to do it achieved a two-fer: that my brain is working again and secondly that I am not capable fo understanding Word Press a lot better! Check out the pendants:
  5. Learning how to do that also allowed me to take the time to start putting up some of my artwork. Watch out for more pix soon!
  6. If you would like to see how to do this watch me “play”:

YouTube Update – Week 288
Subscribers 8,284
Views 1,016,354
Blog views 70,513
291 weeks non smoking  $ 20,067.84 saved
Weight down? Yes, but it is slower (Total loss now 14lbs)  

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