For all our romantics: You never know who you are going to help…

I opened up a facebook message this week and read the following, truly magical, message:

Good morning!
It’s been almost a year since i wrote you. As I said, You helped me a lot, so here’s a quick update if you don’t mind 🙂

In february i let go of all the bad things i had in my heart. i spent some time alone. i had a few dates with a man, we had a really great time. i tell you a secret: on our first date i had a weird sence, it was really scary. ‘your future husband is sitting infront of you’ said a voice in my head. but i wasn’t ready, i told him that, i we didn’t contact eachother for 3 months. but after that, one day i was crying, and asked God to send me someone i can love, and loves me. the next day this man who i dated walked in the theatre where i work, and we said hi. i asked him out right away.
it was 4 months ago, and i’m in love – and he’s in love with me too haha! he’s so special, and good. every day i’m grateful for him.
i know you and i only spoke a little, but i’m so thankful to you too. you pushed me to the right way.
i hope you’re doing good!

Vivien Tóth

Vivien is a viewer from Hungry. Not only was she kind enough to send me this wonderful note, she also sent this truly magical picture and has given me permission to share it with you.



Two great “gifts” from two people obviously in love.

My sincere thanks to Vivien for the wonderful “gifts”.

So glad to have been a part of this joy! THANK YOU

Remember, you NEVER know who you are going to help.

Take the time to listen to people today!


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