I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! How is this possible?

... and I did NOT feel hungry all day.

… and I did NOT feel hungry all day.

May 3-6
I need to write about what had happened to me over the past few days. It happened without intent of design. It shocked me yesterday and now I realize I might have found an answer. For me. I doubt you will believe it but I am going to tell you anyway. No, this is not some fad diet I found. No, I am not sponsored to say any of this. As the title indicates, I did this BY ACCIDENT, Truly.

I intend to write it down because if it continues to work it could be a game changer.

A week ago I weighed in at an amazing 217lbs/98kg. Not proud of that. Officially: OBESE

Four days ago I decided to make some overnight oats. I just put ¹/⁴ cup of oats into a 1 cup Mason jar and filled it up with skim milk. Put it in the fridge overnight. By the next morning it was creamy and I must warmed it up while I put on my make up. Oh, and I added a teaspoon of yellow sugar mixed with Truvia

About for 4 hours later I decided it was lunch time. I took out a 2 cup Mason jar full of salad (lid on very loosely – to let any natural gases out) that I just happened to have in the fridge. I sometimes buy it pre-made and put it into Mason jars. So that it stays fresh. As you can see, the jar isn’t even full.

Had a dinner of a cup of homemade beef stew and sweet potatoes. I showed the size of the precooked dinner as Shepherd’s Pie but you get the idea?

I also had 6 Breton crackers for a snack as I watched some Netflix that evening.


The next day I repeated what I had done, just because it was so easy. But decided to check with my Samsung program, what my caloric intake was on this intake of food. I didn’t believe it. I had to do it twice for both the first two days before I did. Check this out:

Here are the daily intake caloric figures:

May 3= Starting weight 217 lbs.

Calories for the day: 559 (because of the portion sizing or the oats? Or the combination?)

May 4 = 633 calories
May 5 = 699
May 6 = 863  weight 213.8

Yes, I notice the calories are creeping up. I am keeping a pretty good count of everything I am consuming. Oh, AND I start the day with TWO cups of coffee with skim milk froth and a sprinkle of yellow sugar/Truvia. All within these calories! No, SERIOUSLY. I can prove it.

Dropping nearly a lb per day?! Is that possible? Going to try it for another week and let you know.

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