July 6, 2014 – A landslide of loss

You have heard to phrase “…it never rains but it pours”. We had loss in spades this month. I said goodbye to my beautiful BeanBean and also a friend, Louisiana Lori to her wonderful mother-in-law – Virginia, Ashlee had to say goodbye to her darling Princess; Mary Joyce said fond farewell to Melody, and Carrie heard about the passing of her father. Then Paul had his heart broken. So much for such a special group of peeps. If I left anyone off, let me know and I will edit the correction(s).

I try to look for the good in things and i understand the Circle of Life. I know that we looked after one another it was as though we were building strength, as a group.

Along with this we knew that Madam Robot was starting radiation treatments. We were in awe of her ability to come onto the broadcast and tell us all about it – we all learned a lot.

We had Leah post the incredible story of her experience with cosmetic surgery which ended up nearly killing her. How she survived this can only be granted to divine intervention. How she transition this nightmare with both legs is beyond my understanding.

I believe it was Marilyn (and if I got that wrong PLEASE correct me, urgently) who called it “a landslide of loss”. We all have to work our way out of denial, out of anger, navigate blaming and then sadness before we, hopefully, end up with acceptance. We will cycle through all of those during the coming weeks and months. It is important to know that each is perfectly normal. It are not “wuuses” for experiencing these stages we are doing what we are meant to do. We are grieving.

There is only one thing and appears to comfort and landslide of loss and that is a landslide of love for the DearMamaSal “peeps”. It was wonderful to witness everyone, regardless of their personal pain, come to the aid of one another. On a purely selfish note, it is a dream come true. It was my “vision” to create a safe place where people could come, share, cry, laugh and be “befriended” by a diverse group of people who cared. The extended family we all seek. This month’s landslide of loss also brought about a landslide of love and genuine care.

I am honoured to be part of this group of incredible human beings.

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