June 14, 2015 – It’s heating up

I love summer. A lot of people don’t. I like heat and pretty flowers and all that this season brings with it.

To me summer is my time of year. I can already feel that I am not spending enough time in it. I am so busy with DearMamaSal stuff that I am denying myself the outdoors that I so truly love. Or is it that my tastes are changing? Is it that I always loved the heat, when I was younger, and that my body doesn’t really need it now – the way it did. I have never thought of this before. The joys of just sitting down and writing! One learns so much.

I am so thankful this month. I look at the growth of the DearMamaSal network and am just amazed that we are just a few thousand short of 400,000 views. Wasn’t it less than a year ago we were celebrating 250,000? That is so exciting. It means we are reaching more people and that we are helping more, in some way.

What has amazed me about the network in the past month is the sudden impact we are having in certain countries that were not evident before. Countries outside the obvious. Countries were the work we do will be even more meaningful. I have always been so appreciative of people who do not have English as their first language. Who must try and keep of with my accent and humour in another language.

We are just 5 weeks away from Vidcon. A huge journey for me, in so many ways. I get to spend a week with Benji, Judy and the children, meet and greet people I have not met before and go to Disneyland! After many years of not travelling far outside my neighbourhood I do Vegas and LA in one year! Go figure.

An exciting month ahead. The weather and my life are heating up.

YouTube Update – Week 146
Subscribers 6810
Views 397,000
Blog views 29,124
884days non smoking  $9,458.52 saved
Weight down – 3 lbs  

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