The bridge in the middle of nowhere

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit @convoyofhope this week. We were there to do some of the initial work on @dancember 2017. Sometimes, if you take a minute, you see truly fascinating things. Like this bridge in the middle of a huge carpark. It appeared to be leading to nowhere in particular and yet it was this beautiful bridge that had, obviously, been built with great care and attention to detail. It was also on wheels. It was built to travel.20170221_151006

By now I was hooked. I needed to work out what it was doing there and why it had wheels. Then I noticed a second bridge, about 50 yards farther up the massive parking lot and then I realized what “connected” the two bridges. Water. A large body of water pooling down the entire length of the parking lot. Some thoughtful people had designed the bridges to carry people over River Hope (as I shall now call it) to dry land. Such a thoughtful and caring guesture. So like the wonderful folks @convoyofhope.

I was thinking that we all need to do this with our lives. When we see that our path is flooded. When we don’t want to “get our feet wet”. When going forward would ruin our shoes, self-esteem or dignity. We need to roll out our personal bridge and walk with confidence across it to the other side of River Hope. If we do have bridge building skills then let us find a bridge builder who loves their work as much as the architect and builder (the same person??) of the bridges I saw in Springfield, Mo.

On beautiful sunny days, we can roll the bridge back into the bridge parking spot and carry on with our wonderful, challenging and inspiring lives. On the next cold, dark, stormy and difficult day we can roll our bridge out again and know that it was specifically made to cross River Hope. Our own made-to-order bridge over troubled water.

It touched my soul at some level. That is why I just had to share the story.


YouTube Update – Week 235
Subscribers 8.170
Views 829,218
Blog views 56,695
1,505 days of not smoking and $16,106.35 saved
Weight? I am pleased to report that between Christmas and last week I lost 5 lbs by good choices. I am also pleased to report that someone told me “If you are going to Springfield, Mo. make sure you eat some custard!!” I am delighted to tell you it was a great suggestion. I am sad to report that I am now back to my Christmas weight but it was soooooo worth it 🙂

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