The Little Video that could…

I’ve been working hard on the technical side of YouTube during the past few months. I still have a great deal to learn – that is for sure!

However, as in so many other things in my life, I am absolutely stunned at the things that I don’t think will bring me any viewers and then sit back and shake my head when they do. For example, a couple of years ago I was having some problems with the windshield wipers on my Jeep. They were making one heck of a noise. A really helpful husband of one of my viewers, let’s call him Rick (because that is his name!!), offered a solution. I decided to do a video of me trying to follow his instructions.

“Nothing too startling in that”, you say?

Well, I would have said the same. However, listen up. This little video that could decided to get an amazing audience (just under 80,000 to far). It is my #1 viewed video! That’s right. Not the “let me help you with a problem” type video, not the cooking but this little video that I put together while trying to solve a problem. GO FIGURE.

I was thinking about that today. It is so true of our lives. We never know the whether the friend we meet today will be in our lives next week, next month or next year. Others, you think you will meet and never see again and they turn out to be part of your life forever.

Or maybe you said a throw away line to someone one day. Years later they say “gee, I will never forget you saying…” (and they feed back that throw away line you didn’t even give second thought to). It made that much of a difference in their life.

So on this Thanksgiving Day I want to give thanks to all of YOU. To the people who inspire me on a daily basis. To the viewers who quietly help me behind the scenes (Sophie and Liz, take a bow). To the wonderful broadcast viewer team who continue to help themselves by helping others ~ too many to mention but you know who you are and you already know how much I appreciate what you do.

We hit over 765,000 views this month. Amazing. Our subscribers are growing and the love and joy I feel around what we do makes this a very special moment to be writing. I may just be a little YouTuber but I know I have done so much more than I thought possible. I am feeling a little like the engine that could!

YouTube Update – Week 221
Subscribers 7,906
Views 765,504
Blog views 53,455
1,413 days of not smoking and $15,121.16 saved
Weight down? Hmmm… a work in progress!! lol but on the good side I am back using my Total Gym

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