I love my “Retirement Fridays” and the first thing I give myself permission to do is to sleep as long as my body needs. I got up late and then puttered at the computer learning more about Word Press which is the program that makes this blog work. It is fascinating and I am on, yet another, learning curve.



Brunch was my delicious Farmer’s Omelette omlette. I love to make these on the weekend to use up some of the onions, tomato, mushrooms, celery and other things like sweet peppers. It is easy to make a delicious to eat. If you are into potatoes you can also fry up some hashbrowns or chop up some potatoes and precook them before adding into the recipe. Whenever you make anything like this, just cook all the add-ins first and then put them aside and add them all in together at the final stage. It makes cooking this omelette so much easier.


As you know, I cook one meal a week for my tenants and it was roast beef and Yorkshire Puddings this week. There are times when I believe that I could cook Yorkshire Puddings and gravy and it would be received almost as well as the full meal. DSC00140The problem about cooking these Yorkshires is that you have to cook them by the dozens because nearly everyone goes back for seconds. I love making them in the mini muffin pans because they look so good and are easy to distribute.


It has been a difficult week, weight-wise. The good news is that I am now at 43 smoke-free days but I am up 11 lbs. This past week started being a lot more emotional for me and it nearly took hold. I fought it and got my brain back in synch but the price was weight. I will continue to remind myself that losing weight is easier than stopping smoking. My main task is not to smoke. I am proud of myself for having kept the self-control this long. At least once a day I have a serious trigger wherein I want a cigarette. The good news is that it is not 15-20 times a day any more!



YouTube Channel Update – Week 26
Subscribers  2273
Views            48,753 from 128 countries
Blog views   3559

Lessons learned: Word Press is not quite as difficult as I thought it would be. Like everything else, it will just take time to conquer it.




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