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July 2013

I love your videos because they help me make better sense of life issues that I need to work on

i like mamasal because i feel she talks to us as if we’re equals, and it’s hard for me (im 21) to get along with an elder who might say, “oh you don’t know this, you can’t so that, the old fashioned way is the only way” and it’s discouraging in that manner. and as a researcher i keep reading new discoveries and sometimes my mom thinks i’m fibbing. thanks mamasal 🙂

I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me a week or so back on TinyChat. You told me that I needed to “take off my crown” and to stop judging others (specifically, my eldest sister). Every time I caught myself getting stressed and in that “judging” place, I remembered your words to me. Your advice has made me more calm and less stressed, so I thank you so much! I am a very caring person, and I care about what happens to everyone I meet, and sometimes that means I get a little too involved. Your advice has helped me to realize that it is not my place to judge, that I can be there for the person and help, but in the end, they are going to live their lives the way they want to.
I am so grateful that we have “met”. This advice has helped me everyday, and I could not thank you enough 🙂

June  2013 (red typed comments are regarding a speech)

Millions of hugs for coming in yesterday and talking to us. There is always something new I take away from your speeches, and you are exactly what I needed to remind me of all the good that there is out there, and not to sweat too much whatever issues that may be happening in my day to to day life. I truly felt empowered, and that I could face anything.
However my goal was to share you with our group, and my biggest wish was that someone else in my group would be impacted and empowered from you the way I have, and go through the same experience that I did. And I was over the moon to hear that my little sister was so impacted by what you said. It was like she was meant to come to this meeting and experience all that you have to offer, and I know, that from listening to you yesterday she is going to definitely improve herself for the better in terms of her self confidence and “tude”. And that is the best feeling for me, I can only explain people how much you have helped me, but they will understand it only when they have experienced “Sal”

I seriously admire how much you seemed to genuinely care about everyone in that room, and as I’m of the opinion that there is nothing worse that unsung praise: I thought I’d sing that praise.


 I wanted to personally thank you again for noticing me and empowering me


Thank you so much or the kind words. You truly are full of wisdom.

I’m glad that it also reflects more of the person who is out of control. Maybe it will be a light for him and others who experience this behavior. Again, thanks. I am grateful there are people like you who can be understanding and give sound advice. It’s also nice to know others can relate and use those methods. We’re all helping each other like you said.

Thank you, love your advice and glad I found you and subscribed.

Yes, I thank you so much. To have another person’s perspective of this situation. I appreciate that you take the time out just to help viewers like me.. I will watch this video a few times to let it process in my head and hopefully this loss will help me find myself. Wish me luck and I’d love to update you with improvements. 🙂

Wow! This was incredibly helpful! I always defend myself when someone is raging over me but that NEVER gets anywhere, besides more yelling and rage These tips will be REALLY useful in the future! Thank you so much MamaSal, big hugs!

Thank you for the s.t.u.f.f on anger, I caught myself releasing the s.t.u.f.f ! It’s sad that the world has come to craziness. Thanks to you and the small role you play it will become better. With great admiration from New Brunswick !

Thank you..your wisdom and gentleness are better than any counsellor or doctor:)…

I am so greatfull that you replied… I am thankfull for your response which has uplifted my spirits and those words exactly defines me and my personality.  Thank you so much and i will keep you posted on my advancement which i am hoping will be bright.

Mamasal ur soooo amazing. Just helping anyone and everyone. U r Soo special. So glad I found u through benji n Judy

May 20, 2013

You don’t have idea how thankful I am for your response.I am sure  that you are getting many emails and I appreciate it so much that you’ve taken your time to respond me.
It’s actually everything clear in front of my eyes and it just took one mail to made me see it. Whatever it happens I am going to be happy and to live my life as a happy and satisfied person and my happiness doesn’t depend on any man especially not on my ex.
Once again THANK YOU for writing me YOU’VE MADE MY DAY(evening in Europe ;).I’ll definitely keep reading your blogs and advices.

 May 8, 2013

Thanks so much MamaSal. I just wanted you to know how much impact you’ve made on my life. After setting some goals and following your advice, my depression and anxiety haven’t been as bad and I really wanted to thank you! I feel like I can trust you with anything and it feels soooo good to vent out my problems to you! (: Thank you for being there MamaSal!

April 15, 2013

Hello! Please let everyone know that me and my daughter are safe, the Salvation Army moved us to our family, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast BC. Our abuser has no idea where we are’ & has no way to contact us…I changed my cell # etc. We are free…..thanks for the courage & Support from your peeps. Much love to strangers who CARE!!!!!!!!

Nov 12 – Nov 18, 2012 – Week 12

thankyou mama sal im glad i found you 🙂

Great job.. I need to work on the social part also.. the only socializing I do is during retail therapy with all the sales people!

Thank you so much for the reply 🙂  i’m very glad to have a second mom like you! <3

My life is really complicated and all I want is someone to care. 

Great tips as always!

You’re so cute! Love youu:)

You are so amazing mamasal!

Watching this video as I am trying to study for university finals “sometimes you just have to focus”, very ironic

Nov 5 – Nov 11, 2012 – Week 11

I’m not good with words, but I will say that I’m in awe of you. I find you, and the things that you do, to be very sweet. 🙂

Thank you for your advice mamasal. I just adore you.


Thank you for the wonderful advice. I’m not a procrastinator. I tend to tackle a situation immediately but my fiancée is a big time procrastinator. Love you mamasal!


Yes, thank you again for this piece of advice, it works well and I find that I have something to look forward to after a short period of work. You get the best out of both worlds. 😀 x


Your advice & tips are wonderful. They’re so minute but can easily make a big difference!


mamasal, i have to say.. i really have enjoyed your videos and i love reading your blog:) “Experience is a wonderful thing” (got that from your blog) i agree 🙂


thank you for your time you give to us


October 29 – Nov 4, 2012 – Week 10

I’ve never thought about using pulp in other things, this is great! Thanks for the tip!

wow, this is such a clever way to help one balance their life out. Thank you mama sal!

I just did the wheel, and finally found where I was lacking! Looking forward to your next video!

I’m in love with your channel mamasal! Thank you Benji for introducing you!

Great job and example of turning something ‘bad’ into something ‘good’, Mama Sal! Be strong


You’ve made a lot of great points. I’ll definitely relay this to my nieces and nephews.

October 22 – 28, 2012 – Week 9

MamaSal, you are the one person everyone needs in the life. Thank you!

awesome vloggin’!!!!

l’ll be looking forward for the video! 🙂

Great information ~ knowledge is power & “knowing” can give you a sense of control.

great one Mama Sal! 🙂 I”m guilty of doing this sometimes

Thanks for another great daily life lesson. 🙂

That was really beautiful

Thank you so much Mama Sal, you have made me feel more calm about this situation 🙂

Wonderful 🙂 thank you! Mama Sal, another encouraging video. I liked it! Thank you for a boost!

October 14 – 21, 2012 – Week 8

 I have been watching your videos for a while now and I must say they are very helpful..thank you soo much for sharing your wisdom with us! 

Great advice! You don’t realize you have certain thoughts til you get them out of your system.

Thank you for this video! 🙂 You are such a beautiful person , inside and out!


I am in a much better place than i was 1 month ago! I continue to focus on finding myself , and who i am as a person. Your videos have helped SO MUCH:) i am a lot more confident! thank you for everything, i will continue to watch your videos:)



October 7 – 13, 2012 – Week 7

you give insight to a lot of things I would never have thought of 🙂

~What a nice inspiration & a great way to start the day you are Mama Sal. Thank you for taking the time out to both make this video and share it with me/us! P.S. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to make pretty bows Mama Sal, and I can’t think of a better time to learn how!.

Great tips!! I’d love to see how you make the bows 

totally did need to try to eat healthy love your videos:)

Thank you so much! 😀 greetings from México 

Yayy another video from the best person ever!!

September 30-Oct 6, 2012 – Week 6

Hi mama sal!, I was told to watch your videos from ItsJudyslife on YouTube, I LOVE how you give advice!, 


Thank you for taking the time to reply! After reading this, it has made me feel much better and given me some peace of mind

thank you so much mama sal it made me cry a lil I needed a really good support system which I didn’t really have. im glad i know u will be there for me if i truly need it! You are a blessing!

Thank you so much mamasal! out of all the advice i got this one was the most sound and logical thing to do it may have seemed obvious but you put it in such a way it really will help me to just breath and stick with it! Thanks again

I love you Mama Sal!! 😀

September 23-29, 2012

As always MamaSal another great advise of yours. Are you always this positive? Seems to me that you are a very positve person no matter what

Thank you Mama Sal! Life is a learning journey,

Will definitely use this the next time something comes up! Thank you MamaSal!! 🙂

Thank you so much mamasal!! made my day lol 🙂

We are lucky to have you mama Sal!!!

You should be therapist. ……..

It already did. lol. I feel happier inside now. But I will definitely keep you posted on the days to come.


Congratulations MamaSal and for sure more months to come. We needed someone just like you in Youtube! I will also pass the word aroung to come and check out your videos. Many BLESSINGS!!


remember when i told you how i had taken my nursing test 3 x’s and failed? well i took again sept 15th and i PASSED!!! a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and i can start my career rather soon. thanks for the support and giving me confidence in myself to achieve this goal. ur the best mama sal 🙂 Im so glad that u remember my name thanks for making videos and for inspiring me every day:)

aww mama sal your so sweet! congrats! Good to know that your still reading and keeping our comments on ur blog. 

September 16-22, 2012


oh my, You are such a beautiful person inside and out! thank you so much for lending your advice and experiences with us:) that is true quality! congrats on the blog! I will continue to watch and support:)

Thank you so much for your videos. They have helped me so much. Thank you again! 

Good job MamaSal! I really enjoy your advice videos and find you to be very thoughtful and straightforward with your advice.

Dear mama Sal people here on youtube needed someone like you!!! You are like the mother or grand-mother (depending on the age of each one) that everyone would love to have. I find your voice soothing and it gives me a certain peaceful feeling inside of me when I watch your videos! Keep up the good work! xox

I just want to say what a very kind soul you are .. I watched all your video’s and you have an amazing soft kind voice and a beautiful smile , Thank you for sharing your advise , your stories , and I look forward to even more 🙂

I’m subscribed to you now. I love warm hearted people like yourself!!

thank you, that definitely helped.

Great video, with good advise thankyou.

I am soo happy to listen to your videos. 

It’s nice to meet you & I look forward to watching your Vlogs Mama Sal! 

You are just lovely, thank you for your video’s.

Great advice xxx u r amazing xxx 🙂

thank you mama sal….I really needed that

Another great video Mama Sal!

@BenjiManTv Benji! Thank you for getting Sal into youtube or else we wouldn’t be allowed the opportunity for such great advice from such a wonderful woman!! 🙂 x

Thank you so much Mama Sal =*)) receiving emails or a message back from you makes me feel better. Goodnight =*)

Thank you so so much to BenjiMan Tv for telling us about MamaSal .. Mama Sal awesome advise 

I like your vids, so glad Benji introduced u to Youtube.

September 8-15, 2012



 I just finished reading your blog and I wanted to tell you that you are incredible and most definitely godsent! You are an amazing woman and thank you for all that do you 🙂 

In less than a week I will be leaving home and attending college on the mainland as a freshman! I am so excited but also very sad to say goodbye to all my friends and family. I will be watching your videos and listening to your advice! Take care Mama Sal, and thank you again for everything! <3

you loook soo much like my grandma, everytime I see you I think of her. Thank you for the amazing work you do to help us lost children haha. Hugs

MamaSal~ I just want to say I LOVE YOU! Although we are strangers, I just feel so comfortable watching you and listening to your advice~ Thank you~

I was sent here by itsjudyslife! I really love your channel 🙂


I am so glad that you made a YouTube channel! 🙂 Your advice is amazing and you always make me smile!


Im a new subscriber and I just want to say that you are truly amazing and very inspiring. Please don’t stop doing what you do. You help a lot of people and you dont even know it. More power and godbless!


Hi Mama Sal saying hi from Puerto Rico a tropical island, love your advices , I saw you few times on blogtv


I just realize you responded to me Mama sal, I did smile but I got teary eyed too…your message touched my heart, and I’m almost 100% you do that with anyone you come in contact with….much love mama!!


Thank you that makes a lot sense! hehe, I will try that all this week see how it goes. 🙂 
So excited to see you on YouTube! You have great advice!


Thanks Mama Sal for taking the time to answer our questions! It’s nice having someone that takes the time to listen and give us advice when we most need it, you’re such a lovely person.


Hi mama sal I love watching your videos !! Tks for sharing such wisdom …

Luv your chat Sal… Keep it up !! 🙂

Hi @DEARMAMASAL i think you are great and i am looking forward to watch more videos from u. by the way I am from London 🙂

WOW~ a quick reply~ Thanks mamasal~~ for sure~ (: Have a good evening~ <3 <3

September 1-7,2012


OMG mama sal you are the best thank you so much. i dont know what would i do if i didn’t have you. ill do the things you told me and ill let you know what will happen im sure its going to work.

thanks again


Thank you for doing this. The younger crowd need to be guided and sometimes we don’t get that at home. Godbless you!!! I lost my mother when i was 9 years old and sometimes need some kind of advise. I will be contacting you lots. Much love and Respect!!!!

Thank you so much for writing me back . You have no idea how much you’ve helped me ,thank God for your youtube channel 🙂

Its amazing what you are taking the time to do….I have always wanted to talk to someone that is older and wiser, who has experienced much more of life than myself. 

Thank you for your awesome advice. I love the whole idea of your channel ever since I saw you on itsjudytime. More power & much love! ♥

Great advice…thank you! 

Great Advice Dear Mama Sal.

Knowing this I kinda trust you even more. This shows you have seen the world and different people and cultures,you have more insight.

I actually needed to hear this piece of advice about It being okay to take time for myself. I am a 24 year old mother, and I am the sole financial provider for my daughter. I get very stressed at times and I need to hear that I NEED to take care of myself first at times. And yes, you are right…when you dont allow yourself to enjoy life you will really hate it all together. Thank you Benji & Judy for “introducing” me to DearMamaSal 🙂

This was a wonderful video. I love that your advise is simple, and can be applied instantly to ones everyday life. It’s incredible how something as simple as taking time for yourself can be overlooked, and can affect not only ourselves but others. Thank you for those reminders. I truly enjoy your videos, and look forward to many more.

Thank you so much for posting this video. I am 31 and i work two jobs, as well as being a single parent to a 5 yr old daughter. It can get really hard at times to remember to stop and take care of me. This is a good reminder. Great video.

Its amazing what you are taking the time to do….I have always wanted to talk to someone that is older and wiser, who has experienced much more of life than myself. But I dont really have too many people around me or Im too afraid to ask certain questions. I cant wait to ask and hear your lessons to those who are younger:)

 Your advice is great. Im excited to see what else you will talk about! 🙂

i love your advice! you are so smart and inspiring. 


I don’t have a mom anymore and I don’t have anyone to talk to about things like these. ;)) You are a blessing to me and to many others that needs help of advice.

August 25-31, 2012

thank you Mama Sal What great antidote just what I needed, I wish there was a organisation like big brother have hire a mum just Occasions like these. but I have written down,”When I concentrate on what I don’t have, I am sad but when I concentrate on what I do have I’m happy thank you xxxx

Thank you so so much for your answers and for time you took to answer me.

Thank you so much mama sal those are some great advices

Such a lady of wisdom, thank you for sharing your advice Mama Sal -3

Your advice is the best Mama Sal ;D

I love the video by the way! Definitely looking out for more advice videos! 🙂

Thank u so much for all ur advice Xx

Words of wisdom that can be applied instantly. Thank you, Mama Sal!

Thank you so much for those words of encouragement. You are absolutely right! I have no reason to go crazy over this! This is what I love and no matter what I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing!

Some wishes that came in on my birthday

I was thinking of those few people I have come across that have changed my very being and you were one of them. Thank you for teaching me to dream and to always look at myself and what I could do better instead of blaming others!

Sal! you inspired me in so many ways..still to this day your wisdom and enthusiasm remain with me. hope your day is truly magical. thank you for being you!

Sal! All the best to you on this special day. You deserve it because you are an amazing woman and person.

You deserve the best day ever for inspiring so many people 🙂

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