Poems by DearMamaSal




Whenever danger comes very near
I get a reaction, one called fear

It isn’t pleasant, I must agree
And there are plenty of times it has threatened me

For fear, you see, seems to come about
When in my mind, I have some doubt
Will it happen? Will it go wrong?
Should I be here? Do I belong?

For fear, you see, is a lack of belief
Bringing with it untold grief
So next time you feel that emotion arise
Just laugh out loud, to dry your eyes

And smile at yourself a little and say
“I didn’t believe in MYSELF today”

(c) DearMamaSal 1979



Frustration is, or so I hear say,
That nasty feeling of not getting your way
When no one will listen to your ideas
(Maybe because of their own little fears)

And then you walk around angry and sad
Hey, my friend, life’s not that bad
They’ve had the right and they’ve had it of old
Not to agree if the idea’s not “sold”

Frustration you see, it’s not just yours
It comes to anyone, pursuing a cause,
Next time you feel it would you laugh and say
“I didn’t get MY WAY today!”


(c) DearMamaSal 1979

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