16. Be ready with Plan B, C and D!

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15. Be ready with Plan B, C and D!

Monday & Tuesday ,September 10-11, 2012 –  we started  with

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Monday was a busy day and work and when I got home it got busier! Things to do. Benji is always talking of branding and I knew I needed to secure a Facebook page for us and then there was the issue of Twitter.
Know I need it but don’t know why!! 
By the time I had signed in, sorted out any comments and answered them – which you know I do with a cup of coffee as soon as I get home – that was Monday evening gone, in a heartbeat.
Tuesday came quickly! Drove to work and remembered that I had been on the phone with my broker 11 years ago. He had stopped me, mid-sentence by yelling “Sal, turn on your TV to CNN… RIGHT NOW, a plane just went into the World Trade Centre”. When someone you trust says that you grab the remote and turn on CNN. What a terrible day that was. As I drove to work I thought of all the sad stories and broken families and was sad.
I put it out of my mind and worked hard all day. Looking forward to the fact I was going to have dinner with a very dear friend. I noticed, towards the end of the day, that she had not phoned as I expected and a couple of messages didn’t get replied to. Need to work on Plan B! Plan A is obviously not going to happen.
My computer needs to go in for some repair tomorrow and I was really worried as to what I would do without it. I thought it was time for a tablet. Happy with my new plan (Plan B) for the evening, I went to the store and spent a good hour deciding if I should go with the new Apple – yes, I can hear so many of you cheering for that – or to be more in keeping with my non-existent budget and get an Android with two cameras – one forward and one facing so that I can take “happy snaps” during my life. You can tell I am getting more brave!
I went for the Sony Tablet S. Mid-range, lots of little bells and whistles and good enough for an entry level to the tablet. Yes, I know that it was obsolete as I left the store and I hate that but at least I was taking another step towards my goal.
Got home to a comedy of errors:
  1. Didn’t know that tablets only work on Wi-Fi and for some reason the Wi-Fi that I share with my downstairs family was acting up.
  2. Plan C – charge enough power into Tabitha the Tablet so that I can test the video. Then transfer to my laptop, before it goes tomorrow, and then upload through a direct Internet feed. That should keep the viewers in the loop and I am sure they will understand.
  3. Plan D – forgot that the cable to my modem had decided to break a few days ago but was smart enough to buy a new one when I was in the store today. Life is good.
  4. Loaded up the wrong video to the YouTube page but never mind. My ego is not as sensitive as it was a week or two ago and I am realizing that getting a video up to you is more important than getting the “better” one there!!
It is now 11pm and all my DearMamaSal tasks are done for the night. Had to be really flexible to do it all but  I got there by moving from Plan A through to Plan D – constantly readjusting myself to the next plan because the only goal was to get a video up tonight to warn everyone. Now I just need to pack up the computer and hope that they don’t take too long to fix it. If you don’t see a blog post for a couple of days you will know the Wi-Fi is still playing up :))

Achievements: Facebook is working, Twitter is working, laptop is going to get fixed and I took a crash course in tablet knowledge.

1281subscribers,  9075 visits – that’s nearly double in the past 48 hours,  334 comments and 770 page views of the blog and views from   103 countries 21 Facebook likes

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