How to re-pot a plant the fastest way – any size

 I have lived a long time and I never knew this before June 2022! Boy am I glad to have learned this easy lesson – even at this age!


Take the plant you want to re-pot to the pot you want to put it in. This can be upsizing a seedling or as in this case,  a fairly large rose bush.

I put a good layer of dried leaves, then my homemade soil that the worms have been helping me with – composted soil mixed with regular soil

NOTE: I put the whole bush AND existing pot into the new one


Pack new soil all around until it is just about at the level of the original pot

STEP 3: Here comes the MAGIC…

Simply rotate the original pot (and plant) a little and then take it out. MAGIC… a perfect hole for your plant 


Gently take out your new plant from the original container and pop it in your magical hole. Water and DONE.


Just arrange the little pots into your planter the same way. Pack the soil around, pack it down enough for it to keep its shape, take your pots out and plant your plants into the perfect holes


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