April 19, 2014 – Crisis of Commitment

I remember once hearing about this “Crisis of Commitment” thing. It is where you are on a path to achieve a goal and you start hitting road blocks. Visually, it would be a “Y” in the road. When you hit it you have what is called a Crisis of Commitment. You either go one way or the other.

For some, strange, reason this week I had a “moment”. Was what we were doing really making a difference? Was I just doing an ego thing? Was it really the right thing to be doing at this age? You can add any of your own additions and I was probably thinking them!!

Our subscribers have remained stagnant for some months. We gain some, we lose some and remain on this plateau. To me it is an indicator of our worth. Don’t know why but it is. I started be more aware of this a few months ago. Started adding things that I thought might bring us a bigger base of people to increase the subscribers  It  has worked, to some degree. Not substantially but we are starting to build again. I have been in marketing long enough to understand that there are plateaus and that they are time to relook at what you are doing. So why talk about it now?

When the crisis hit hard, a few weeks ago, I looked at what I was doing and talked about it a little. It was strange to me how many of my super viewers (ones that are always watching and who are my greatest inspiration) loved my daily ramblings (for I was thinking of not doing them any more). That led to me the next question: was I prepared to stop doing what my super viewers enjoyed, looked forward to and cherished for the sake of more subscribers? Wow. Crisis of commitment.

It was really strange because it was pretty obvious to me that my new “family” of super viewers was far more important to me than just a group of “peeps” I had met along the way. In the same way that the broadcasts take a lot of time and bring very few new suscribers. However, I found out that we are slowly increasing our broadcast base. On Vaughn we are nearly always in the 3 top rated shows when we broadcast and people are busy telling us that when we are there. Why? Because we bring content. We bring caring and we bring humour and we are doing it in an adult and fairly clean format. I say fairly clean because we are not perfect… we love AussiePimp a.k.a. The Magic Man!

I sit here, typing and I think of some our wonderful achievements in the past few weeks. I think about dear Lesley, from Scotland, who is now no longer victim to her house. She achieved her goal of freedom and now even goes out to play soccer (English football) with her nephew. It still brings tears to my eyes. I think about Nana who trusts us enough to tell us her truth so often and each time she does she touches our hearts with either her wonderful humour and her agonizing pain.

I think of Robyn who has struggled so much and who had the courage to go and renegotiate an insane rate on her mortgage and, by having the courage to do so, dropped it nearly 50%. I think about so many baby steps that I hear people are taking towards being stronger and happier and I wonder how I could even wonder if this is worth doing! Of course it is.. We, as a group, are making a difference. We can see that every month. Maybe not in gained subscribers but in the stories we hear back.

So now we move from crisis of commitment to leap of faith. That all will be well. That, somehow, we don’t have to worry too much about the plateau periods. We need to keep the wheels of the bus turning “around and around” (could hear Benji, Judfy and Julianna there!!).

Crisis is how we look at it. Either a bad thing or a confirming thing. I have decided that walking down the path is what I decided to do. I love the results. I will continue to walk, crawl, run or skip my way along regardless of my insecurities. I promised I would write this journal to document the journey. I didn’t ever think that the journey would be easy. I also didn’t think it would be this rewarding!

Happy Easter, everyone. Thank you!

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