64. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body

It has been a frustrating week. My body complained and I didn’t listen. So my body made sure that I “heard” it!

I woke up one morning this week with my back twitching a bit. Nothing serious. Just naggy, if you know what I mean. It was nagging me rather than hurting. It has been a little “off” for quite a while but, being the person I am, I have felt it but not done anything about it. I felt it a lot over Christmas when I was trying to wrap presents. I just couldn’t stand, bending over and wrapping for very long. Had to do it in small time segments.

Of course, I blamed “getting older”. When you smoke, everything is blamed on smoking. When you start getting on in years, you can be sure that everything will be related to that. People need a “hook” on which to put things.

I didn’t listen to my back at Christmas time. Didn’t do anything about it when I should have. Two days ago I got up and thought that my back was naggy. Just didn’t feel right. It felt strange in the area I had done serious damage to 5 years ago. Did I listen to my body? Nope. I went to work and what did I decide to do that day, because it was on my “list”. Pack up five boxes with files and then lift, turn and transport them to another place in my area of work.

Need I say more? Are some of you feeling the pain? Some of you are probably asking “how could you be that stupid?” I don’t have an answer. I guess my body just needed me to listen and it did what it needed to do to get my attention.

The area around my L2, L3, L4 and L5 were screaming. The muscles surrounding them were going into spasm and I made an appointment to see my chiro. Of course, she wondered how I was walking, driving and smiling! She always asks questions like that. She did what she could to put some of the bits back in place and sent me home to get some rest. “keep the weight off your spine for a couple of days”. That sounded good until I worked out what that meant. Rest. I don’t do that well.

Luckily I have one of those beds where you can adjust the angle of the top and bottom of your bed. I have been able to keep the weight off my spine without lying absolutely flat. I am grateful for that.

Sometimes, you just need to listen to what you body is telling you early enough to not have to go through what I am going through. I am taking less anti-inflammatory drugs today but can feel the “strain” in different parts of my spine. That is probably a good thing. Muscles in different places are complaining = I must be using muscles in different places = I must be stretching enough to get more muscles into play. Life is good. I am on the mend.
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