63. Some people do just do good things, really… believe it.

A wonderful thing happened to a viewer this week. She has had health issues and had some major problems with her teeth as a result. The story was told on one of our broadcasts and we all felt terrible that would be to her self-esteem and confidence. We all sent her hugs and our prayers and felt helpless but assured her that she did not need perfect teeth to be accepted by the DearMamaSal Super Star Support Team.

Luckily, she believed us and has continued to be part of our group and has not only received support but has given it, unconditionally. Wtg, Robyn.

This week we heard that her church minister knew the Congressman who is a dentist or knows one (will have to edit that later!!)  and now she is about to get a full set of teeth… for free!

One of our viewers immediately asked, not verbatim,  “… yeah, but at what cost? Nobody does that with out a payback of some sort” Saying that maybe the Congressman would expect her to work for his campaign in exchange. Some of us tried to say that some people really do good things without the need for a return. Our viewer did not agree. To this end, I thought some of you might like to check out the following, incredible, story about a Rotarian. The story is 100% true. There is not hidden agenda. It was just something that he could and wanted to do to help another human being.


Some will say he did it for the fame, the votes, whatever. If you meet people who know him, hear his story, as I have, you will know it had nothing to do with that. He just knew he could make a difference and the man he helped had a medical connection (his aunt had suffered from the same disease) and the donor knew the tragic death that would follow. Amazing story. Some people do just do amazing things.

Oh, and what of Robyn? This part is the most amazing to me. Robyn joined one of the broadcasts this week. She overcame her ego regarding her lack of teeth. She knew she had to do…something more important that ego. She had to thank the people who sent hugs and prayers and accepted her as she was. Robyn came up on camera! Wow… that takes courage and humility. We were all stunned. But hearing the story from her brought tears to our eyes and we all appreciate the huge step she took to thank us.

Some days, I know truly know that our little DearMamaSal network is changing lives… in our own little way.


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