19. It’s the start of Week#4!

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19. It’s the Start of Week #4

Sunday, September 16, 2012 = Day 22 

Still cannot get the YouTube Channel to accept my replies to comments. They say it is an Android issue which they are looking into. Breathe, you can only do what you can do! I haven’t heard from the computer guru – which is either very bad news or else he has not woken up from being on nightshift. Not even sure that I want to hear, if you understand my reasoning! 

Got some things done today … tried to have more balance. However, I spent some time doing a PowerPoint on how to make MamaSal’s famous Sunday morning crepes and/or no-fail Yorkshire Puddings. It was so pretty and then, for some unfathomable reason Tabitha the Terrible Tablet decided that she would not save it. Another hour lost! Or was it? Will do a quick check as to why it saved one PPoint and not the other!

My ToDo list today consisted of a lot of things I didn’t want to do. You are reading the words of someone who once wrote a full seminar on the Power of Positive Procrastination! If any of you suffer from the same problem, here is my trick:

  1. Agree to do only three things on your list
  2. Start each hour with SOMETHING that helps you achieve the first goal – even if it is not completed.
  3. Then do something fun for the rest of the hour. At the start of the next hour repeat #2 and #3  and keep going until you are done.
  4. It is ok to start on any of the three things. At least you will have achieved something!!
One of the things – it is Sunday and those who have been reading awhile know what I HAVE to do on Sundays – was to take something out of my storage room from hell aka my old office. So I walked in there and said “ok what would be the easiest thing to get rid of this week?” The answer turned out to be a couple of horrific relics of my past (a) my old fax machine and (b) the bottom half of an old phone – ok, ok, I know what you are wondering “… the BOTTOM half?? Where is the handset?? Why would you keep it, anyway?” Don’t have good answers on those questions, sorry.

Omg about 30 minutes ago I went to put the final words on this blog and dropped the WiFi keyboard which I found out was not very sturdy! One of the little buttons broke and ran away! Don’t know where it went.  Cannot find it on the floor. The keyboard still seems to work though. This YouTube Channel experiment is getting to be a little costly!!!

Achievements: Cleaned out the front of my car – Yippee. Have been meaning to do that for a loooooooong time :); found out that Tabitha the Tablet has an awesome display – better than even my fancy TV. Happy that the keyboard still works after dropping and damaging part of it.

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Check out: http://www.youtube.com/DearMamaSal or Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DearMamaSal if you would like notification of any live broadcasts
If you want to leave a comment, click below
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