55. What a week that was

It was an amazing week in so many ways. On the one side Benji and Judy were visiting Ireland and happened to chat about the work we do on the DearMamaSal channel and broadcasts. The next thing I know the views went up to the highest point of any single day viewership. The last time that happened was when Google had a little problem on the day Benji (@benjimanTV), Judy (@itsjudyslife) and I were doing the Tim Tam Slam thing (remember that?!). However, the figures for the Irish day topped any other day and I was in a little bit of shell shock but very grateful. Particularly, as I heard Anna (@annasaccone) say she was a viewer of the YouTube channel. How cool was THAT?!

Then the emails started arriving…too many to handle all in one day and so I had to send out notes warning people that I might be a while getting back to them. Here is a taste of some of the emails we received.

  • Muslim woman who has given up her religion but is under power of her guardian, her brother. The life of a Muslim woman is hard enough. Imagine her pain and rejection.
  • A number of women in bad relationships
  • An ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) viewer
  • An 19 year old who obsesses about getting married
  • A wonderful 27 year old Kenyan who, as the first born,  is responsible for looking after her family
  • A 15 year old from England who has a mother who had enough money for multiple cosmetics surgeries but won’t help her get emotional needs
  • Another 15 year old being bullied by her brother
  • Two viewers wrote about being illegal which was not a problem while they needed schooling but is one now that they need to get work
  • A 23 year old who had been abused by her father


We are 17k away from making our goal of 100k by end August which is so amazing to me. When I think back to this time last year, I didn’t have the slightest desire to become a vlogger. Admired what Benji and Judy were doing but just had no sense that it was something that I would be doing within a few months.

So much has changed in the past year. I have a feeing that so much more will change in the coming one. Thanks to everyone who continues to believe and support our work. Couldn’t do it without you.



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