56. What a difference a week makes

When something dramatic happens in the lives of my friends I often say “5 years from now, this will make more sense”. The reason is that, in the moment, our emotional reactions are overwhelming and stop us from seeing the big picture.

This is what happened to me when, last Sunday, I took beautiful Beaner out for a walk and around the half way mark his back end just seemed to give out. I couldn’t leave him and go get the car so I waked him as slowly as he wanted to go until we got back home. My heart broke to see such a strong and dramatic dog suddenly look so pathetic. I decided to wait until Monday morning to assess the situation because it was possible that he pulled a muscle or did something else that a little rest could help.


I noticed some blood on my staircase carpet and then found he had cut a very small piece of his rear pad. I dressed it and hoped for the best.

Monday morning he was so obviously sore. I tried to get him down the back stairs so that he could do his business and his back-end gave out… twice. I phoned in to work and let them know I was on my way to the vet and might not be into work.

To cut a long story short(er) the vet’s assessment was that his muscle was deteriorating and that the cut on the pad was small but very painful for him. Basically, it was a sad visit for there is no way that the arthritic condition of his spine is going to get better. In fact, by the time the cold weather comes I may have to make a difficult decision in terms of his life.

It was sad. Very sad. My heart broke a little. I made plans around the house so that he would be comfortable while I was at work. I made sure he couldn’t try any stairs while on his own – for fear he could fall and hurt himself without anyone knowing.

On Saturday, I was doing my regular broadcast and he suddenly got up, picked up his new toy and came and was full of life and playfulness. He was so insistent that I play with him. So darn cute. The “old” Beaner was back. No longer in pain. Suddenly well.

My sincere thanks to all the wonderful viewers who sent supportive notes and prayed for his recovery.

Wow, what a difference a week makes!



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