61. Life is challenging…

It has been a very tough week for a lot of my viewers. Why does life do that? Is it the moon, the stars or it just “is what it is” and we have to learn to cope with it?

I believe that it has a lot to do with what we do to ourselves, as the regular viewers to the broadcasts know only too well. What self-talk have we been giving ourselves. What fears have we allowed to creep into our brains. What have we done to counter the negativity (and realities) of our daily lives?

Watching the news is a major affront to our psyche because of the sensationalism of our news these days. It needs to shock or horrify for it to make the top of the news. Many people have chosen not to watch the news. Some watch far less than they used to.,

So look at your life again. Do you surround yourself with negativity – be it your family, friends or TV? Do you live in fantasy or reality? Are you living YOUR life in the present or are you trying to hold onto the past or even worry yourself sick about the future? All our choices we make on a daily minute by minute basis.

I am not immune! Just like so many of my viewers, I had a difficult week. Even my adorable dog has had a difficult week. I am a little overwhelmed, a little under the weather and a little less patient than I would like. That brings about a little more anger, a little more judgment and a little more sickness! I hate that so I had to stop the insanity of it and do something different. What better than to come here and talk about it a little and, just maybe, help someone else who is suffering the same things?

I am going to not be victim to the negativity. I am going to be aware that it is there and that makes me sad. I cannot change it because it is all around us these days. I cannot make the magical differences I would like to be able to make in certain circumstances. I cannot help a friend, I cannot heal my dog, I cannot take away hurt and pain, poverty or declare world peace – I am a human being. I can do the best I can for myself and take the time to look inward at the negativity and anger, process it and then move on to happier times. Perfection is very difficult – Excellence, so I’ve heard, is good enough.

Wishing you all a better week next week … big hugs


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