62. As I think back…

It is Saturday and I am pacing myself… 30 minutes of “doing” and 30 minutes of computer-related “stuff”. I have a lot to accomplish today. I hope that pacing it will help.

I’ll admit that I am a statistics person. I check the statistics on our little DearMamaSal world almost daily. Today I wanted to check the world map and see how we are doing. It is truly amazing! This time last year I doubted that we would ever been seen in too many African countries. The reality is that, a year later, we have been seen in most. What makes me smile is that we appear to have more viewers in Mongolia than, say, Kenya! Now that makes me smile. I have this visual of peeps up in the high mountains being crouched next to their little campfires watching DearMamaSal. Technology is a wonderous thing, isn’t it?

I am two weeks away from celebrating a year of being smoke free and of that I am truly proud but not so proud of the incredible amount of weight I have packed on to compensate. I can forgive myself for it but I really do need to take back control again. It is time. Christmas did not help – no, why blame Christmas? My lack of self-discipline around the cookies and candies was to blame!

I am in awe of the wonderful things that I see developing on the DearMamaSal site(s). A real sense of community, support and love. People supporting other people. People sharing their stories so other people can see and hear they are not alone. It is wonderful to see. It is a dream come true for me.

It has not all been easy but it has been so very rewarding. As I think back … I am in awe of this medium and what it is capable of doing.


YouTube Update – Week 70

Subscribers             3,940
Views                        141702 from 161 countries
Blog views                9570
Non-Smoking Days   350 with a saving of $3,504.39


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