67. Yet another “this is why we do this” moment…

Melanie wrote (following the passing of Tommy):

MamaSal that was so beautiful, thank you for that. Its 5 am here and I have been awake for an hour, finally decided to get up, take the pups out and have coffee with you. I am so blessed with all this love. Tommy would be smiling. You see, I did find you by watching Judy and Benji. Tom had to watch them too lol but oh, he did begin to love them as I do. Too bad he did not see the twins. When he began to be ill, we started to decorate his room hence becoming the “man cave” lol 70 inch 3d tv, a beautiful laptop, sleep number bed lol what more could a man ask for? *smiles* We all enjoyed that room with him.. I can still hear him hollering to me “hey get in here the olympics are on, your gonna miss the ice skating” *smiles* also every St Patricks Day we cooked corned beef and cabbage. He is Irish btw . well I know this St Patricks Day, he dined in heaven. Thanks again everyone, your love means so much


It’s our pleasure, Melanie. It’s what we do. Thank you for allowing us to be there for you. Huge hugs and know we are STILL here for you ~ MamaSal and your support team

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