68. Two more steps on the DearMamaSal path

It is strange how I resisted both these steps. Lack of self-esteem? Today I decided to move DearMamaSal forward with two, hopefully necessary, steps. One was to start the post office box and the other was to start the business gmail. It seems a little pretentious, to be honest. Who is ever going to want to send me anything and who is going to want to send me a business email for DearMamaSal? If you build it, they will come. That is the point. People have asked me for a postal address so they can send me stuff and I just didn’t feel it was necessary. We are now at over 160,000 views and more and more people are following us on Facebook and Twitter. It is time to take the next steps. Of course, the kid in me wonders what will be the first “gift from the world”… why do I feel it could be licorice?! Or a pink glittery something from France? This could be fun 🙂

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