A lot has happened

It is amazing to me just how much has happened since I last dropped a note in here. Let me think:

  1. I had a medical diagnosis that was not fun. Did the tests and believe that everything is fine – but it took part of my life as I distracted myself while waiting for the test results. I took up painting because it is an all-consuming hobby and that is what I need. I think it would be fair to say I am now a Prolific Painter because I paint nearly every day and not just one!
  2. The art turned out to be beneficial in a number of ways: a) it kept me occupied and not stressing b) it made so much mess in my dining room that I needed to clear out some of the mess in the spare bedroom to make a studio! Had been meaning to clean that room out for… well, longer than I care to admit!
  3. Cleaning out the Studio meant that I also had to organize the back bedroom a little more! Cleaning is a clean one thing and ends up with chaos elsewhere sort of thing in my life, how about yours?!
  4. Restful area: I now that my little

    Artwork s available in our shop

    room set up so I can make a mess and close the door on it when I have finished. I love that.

  5. My heart rate has dropped considerably, as a result, my doctor dropped one of my medications!!
  6. Talking about health issues: a) I am now down 16 lbs with the portion control and keeping my intake to less than 1,600 calories (on average). It works, people. I still eat Mars Bars, I had two helpings of turkey yesterday. I just didn’t have two helpings of mashed potatoes… I know how to control it now. b) I did so well with the weight loss that I have been taken off one of my medications!! That is a success, in my book.
  7. I managed to get some of the artwork into our SHOP page for those of you who like art. Some are cost-effective downloadable prints and some are originals. Remember to check them out. I will be updating them as we go along. I am selling them without frames so that it will be cheaper for you when mailing the originals.

    White Foam is now available as a print. Check the SHOP tab

So life is good, I am busy and DearMamaSal continues to help viewers during the broadcasts and when they write. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I am thankful to all my viewers for bringing us this far.

YouTube Update     Week 267
Subscribers               8.190
Views                            934,238 (1 Million, here we come!!)
Blog views                 64,067

Non-Smoker  for   1,732 days and  $ 18,533.59 saved
Weight?                     I continue to be amazed how what I put into my body is dropping weight the way that it is. I am continuing to slowly drop pounds and I am getting so close to my goal for the year. I have a couple of months left and the goal is within sight

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