Oct 20, 2014 – Fall clean out

I am not someone who cleans out their closet every season so understand what I did today was a major piece of challenge for me!

I stood in front of my first clothes closet and took a deep breath. Behind me were two containers. One marked “seasonal” and the other “goodbye”. Because I don’t do “throw away” well, I gave mysellf two rules to work with:

1. If you like it, is it within one dress size?

2. If yes, you can keep it. If no, goodbye

Half my clothes disappeared and it was actually fairly painless. Why “fairly”? I had to say goodbye to two of my most loved jackets – a bottle green silk which I have always adored and a stunning shocking pink jacket. Both were very beautiful classic styles and would have lasted a lifetime.

I hope this idea helps someone. It took about 20 minutes, total. It feel wonderful. I have a container of seasonal clothes on their way to my garage and a big bag of clothes to go to the local church for their less fortunate people. My biggest joy would be to see someone walking down the street wearing my bottle green jacket and looking as elegant as I always did, when I could still fit into it!

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