January 15, 2015 ~ We have come so far in such a short time

I am adding a note here tonight because, to my horror, I notice that I have not updated our journey for a couple of months. We really have come so far in the last few months and I don’t want the awe of that to be lost in the next steps we will take.

Firstly, my goal was to take the DearMamaSal network to 325,000 views by Easter 2015. With 324,000 already achieved I guess it would not be a stretch to say we will make it. Not without help, of course. For it would be sad not to give credit to the people who are constantly challenging me, assisting me and pushing me to the next level.

We have established a Social Media Team with Sophie, Erin and Ashlee. All of whom have been keen supporters and are young enough to really understand the social media side. They are keeping me updated on the next steps and making sure I get footage and photos up into there on a regular basis. Each, in their own way, has helped get us here this far. Thanks guys.

Matthew continues to offer his help on the technical side, for which I am most grateful. He also is my benchmark for each goal. He keeps telling me if he can count to the next benchmark or not. So far he has done well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that his counting skills keep up with the rate of increase.

This would not be complete without thanking Benji, Judy, Stacey and Sean who all add little bits and pieces into the mix to keep me motivated when I am feeling the task is overwhelming. They are constantly feeding me “the next step” and challenging me to improve each step as we go along. Yet, being the wonderful people they are, they do not keep after me. They feed me the stepping stone and wait for me to reach it before they open the next door. It is a wonderful way to empower someone because it is a case of “my speed is the right speed for me” and they know I will quietly work my way to the next level ~ sometimes not an easy task when I also work!!

Let me not forget my “got your back” team of Yvonne, Wade, Doug, Cisco, Marni and all the other friends who keep interested in my progress and let me bore them to death with my stories of the wonderful people we get to meet.

As we start this new year I feel blessed to have so many people genuinely motivated to move the DearMamaSal network forward. Most of all I need to give thanks to the “Peeps” ~ the DearMamaSal regular viewers and broadcast viewers who are a constant support system to me. They know why we do this and they understand that some days I just don’t take enough time for me. They slow me down. Give me room to step back for a day. Good friends. Thank you

We are on our way to 325,000. Then 350, 375 and onward… slowly we will move our goal posts and before too much longer we will surprise ourselves with what we have done and the people we have helped. Bring it on. We can do this.


YouTube Update – Week 124
Subscribers 7149
Views 331,219
Blog views 23,487
734 days non smoking $ 7,848.16
Weight is up…Christmas treats are not finished!  

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