48. One thing at a time, PLEASE! March 28, 2013

I am at home, sick with some virus that last week attacked my stomach and this week decided to hit my glands and, possibly, my kidneys. Fun stuff. You can imagine I am not feeling too switft with the swollen legs (edema) and the excessive saliva production and did I mention my blood pressure went haywire as well?


Imagine my delight when I just found a huge filling had worked loose on one of my molars. It is true that I have a great sense of humour but this is now lunchtime and I cannot find out if my test results are back or if I can make an appointment with my dentist today – before the nerves start flaring and I end up with severe toothache for Easter!


Please grant me patience to get these things dealt with in the right order and with minimum discomfort.

 YouTube Upate – Week 30

Subscribers               2409
Views                        55,9752 from 131 countries
Blog views                3,682
Non Smoking Days     76

Lessons learned: It is difficult to stay home (to rest the body) when you know the bills need to get paid and you have used up your “sick” days.


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