May 10, 2015 – Happy Mother’s Day

Sometimes, being a YouTuber feel like being a mother. You are constantly watching over your little “baby”, DearMamaSal. Trying to steer it in the right direction – right for me and the brand. You deal with criticism and have to stay the course of the direction. Occasionally, you get to “play” with your baby.

Such was our recent trip to Vegas. Five of us rented a house and decided that we would become a “family” for a week. We had good days and some not as good but, overall, we shared and cared for and about each other. We adjusted to different situations and found out we had friends we didn’t really believe existed.

Living with five people for a week taught me a great deal about my baby! I realized I was fiercely protective of her. I didn’t know that before this trip. It is a strange feeling. My baby is nearly 3 years old now. She is growing up fast. I had to remember that she is still vulnerable and needs protection until she can stand on her own two feet. However, like any mother, I am learning more about myself through the process.

I am still so thankful for the friendships and support networks we have created for our various viewers in need. I am constantly amazed at the deep care and support I get. My recent bout of viral bronchitis on my return from Vegas showed me that the super fans would rather I take a week off (to get my strength back) than have me push myself to produce footage or broadcasts. I felt supported and loved for that.

Mother’s day is very special to me this year. My baby is growing and our extended family continues to nuture and support her. I am blessed and truly thankful.

YouTube Update – Week 141
Subscribers 6906
Views 380,000
Blog views 27,493
849 days non smoking  $9,084.09 saved
Weight down – 5 lbs  

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