Aug 9, 2014 Listen to your gut

I popped into WalMart today, on my way home from having my hair cut.

I resisted so many treats that I was actually quite stunned at my ability. I picked up healthy cereal to boot. Weird. What has happened? I don’t think I picked up any real junk food. Even my chips were vegetable chips and I allowed myself some whole wheat tortilla chips for my broadcast snack tonight.

After packing everything into the cart, I rolled my way towards the exit and passing McDonald’s (one doesn’t have to wonder why they put it right next to the exit, right?!) I notice a man and woman just learning against a pillar. They were positively swooning over the soft serve ice cream they were devouring. Enough. I had resisted enough. Surely?

I marched in and ordered my soft serve (170 calories in My Fitness Pal I found out later!) and oh my… it was heaven on a hot day after a Saturday stroll around the aisles of shopping carts. I walked, leisurely, back to my car. Wanted to just load stuff in with one hand so I could finish the cone. Grabbed for my keys to open up the truck (boot – for the Brits) and start loading. KEYS WERE GONE. Disappeared. No cars keys! OMG…the spare set at home will not drive the car because the demobilizer thing-mer-jig/dodat fell off and I threw it away thinking it was useless!

Still eating the cone, I walked casually back to the store. Working on Plan B, C, D and E. Arrived at customer service about the time that the last delectable crunch of the last bite of the cone left my mouth and headed towards my stomach.

“May we help you, Ma’a,m?” With remarkable serenity, brought about by the soft serve, I said “You wouldn’t happen to have had a set of car keys handed in, would you?” “What make of car?” I told them and, to my utter disbelief, the lady smiled and said “Yes, someone found them outside”

There is a lot to be said for the calming effects of a well timed soft serve! I listened to my gut all the way around the aisles. Resisted so many temptations. But could not resist the soft serve. I can’t help but wonder whether the calming and soothing joy of that soft serve kept me in a calm state? Who knew it was only 170 calories?! Good information to have!

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