March 20, 2015 – Spring has sprung

At last it is here… SPRING. We have waited through the winter to see the pretty flowers and start a whole new “gardening” season.

I always think of Spring as the time of creativity. Of Spring Cleaning (yuk) and of upgrading my life in some way. This year one of the first things is to update the blog a little. You will notice that we have some new features and some new layouts going on. They will continue to be “tweaked” until we are settled again for a little while.

So much has happened over the past few months. We have grown to over 355,000 views and it seems like yesterday that 250,000 was our goal. I continue to set new goals for myself and the channel but also work hard at working within my time-frame. It is so easy to want to try and do a little too much and exhaust myself so that I do not enjoy the process.

I am looking forward to my trip to Vegas. A Bucket List item for me. Have been to some incrdible places in my life but the more obvious ones are missing. The other exciting thing is that I have it confirmed that I am going to the Los Angeles’ VidCon in July with Benji and Judy. I cannot tell you how exciting that is for me. I get to play among the stars. You know my (internal) kid is just jumping with glee.

Spring is a time to grow. A time to nuture and refresh after the long winter. A time to look forward and renew again. A time for pretty colours and to forget the winter of your life.

YouTube Update – Week 134
Subscribers 7007
Views 356,330
Blog views 25,281
798 days non smoking $ $8,538.81 saved
Weight slightly down – 2 lbs  

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