July 29, 2014 – Chloe sends us a wonderful story :)

“Welcome to all the newbies! My day was not I uneventful but it was eventful in the most amazing way!! I got to go out for juice with another sick disabled friend of mine which was wonderful!! We were both well enough to sit for almost two hours together which was great!! I then popped into this mountain ware shop I have never been to before and actually found some stuff I wanted to buy! Now bare in mind this is an shop that sells tents etc they had the cutest range of cards on the desk, I set up a penpal group for people with my chronic disease another way on top of the YouTube channel and blog I am trying to reach out to people. I explained to the check out woman that they all send cards to me once a month with a sae and I mix them up and send them back out so everyone gets a card. I in passing mentioned Hypermobility syndrome and she sort of looked at me and we kept talking. Then my friend came up behind me and said (very kindly!!) “Oh you wouldn’t believe the many talents of this woman, and all with her Hypermobility syndrome” and the woman “You did say Hypermobility syndrome!! My 5 year old son has just been diagnosed!!!!” She went on to tell me he cries so much when he hurts himself and I was able to tell her people with HMS feel pain more acutely (which she didn’t know) she then said and he carries on even when I give him medicine and I was as to tell her people with HMS don’t respond to pain medication (she also didn’t know that) we then had a long long chat all about the disease and I was able to give her my card and point her in the direction of the blog etc. wait for it though.., she lives and works 40minutes away and was just transferred FOR THE DAY!!! What are the chances!!! Amazing wonderful event!!! Definitely feel gods presence in my day today!!! Blessings Sal. Congratulations on the increase in subscribers etc! You are doing a great job!! X x x”

Check out Chloe’s illness:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-AeepZVuZQ

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