Losing weight without depriving myself

Great news, everyone!

It is now nearly a month since I started the new goal – to drop the weight I put on when I gave up smoking. I had made various other attempts at this but nothing seemed to work well for me. I was craving food the way I was craving the ciggies, back in the day!

Earlier in the month, I decided to try something my friend Marni had suggested to me. Portion control. And, as you will hear, I have managed to do that successfully for the whole time. I checked the correct number of calories someone of my age should eat (1,600 per day) and then set about creating a system whereby I could keep to that but not feel deprived. I had made some basic changes.




1. Salads are great but I didn’t want to eat them every day 🙂

2. Eating one cup of almost anything I wanted, worked remarkably well at keeping the calories down while enjoying my food without feeling I was missing out.

3. Portion control becomes automatic after just a couple of weeks!

4. BBQing veggies really feels like you are eating the world and yet you are not.

5. Half a baked potato is more than enough




Down 7 lbs and I have had ice cream, crisps, and all sorts of treats (just not too many of them!!) and eaten some really balanced meals. I have kept below the goal average of 1,600 calories per day and managed to walk 6km/3.1 miles. Things are working 🙂

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